We are glad to be back.

To our regular customers we must apologise for the inconvenience of the last couple of weeks.

We had a major system crash, meaning that we had to re-jig everything. So we took the opportunity to update and re-write our site offering you a much more flexible way of buying your favourite teas.

You can now use the site from a computer, a tablet or even your smart phone. We hope you find the experience fast and easy.

There will be many products to go on the site yet and we will make the time delay as short as possible.

Please bear with us while we get to input some of the familiar things that you may like, and if you have any suggestions as to extras that we should include, or facilities that you like we will look at them and check out if they are viable for our market place.

Customer loyalty is something we thrive on and enjoy. So thank you for being patient and thank you for your continued support.

We bring you a fabulous product and as quick a service as we can muster. We hope you continue to enjoy your favourite teas from Health-e-Teas. Don’t forget to check out our parent company web site too at www.wheeltonhealthcare.com