Tea Making Advice

Tip number 1 – try our four minute rule

Is your green tea bitter ???

Why would you ever put up with bitter tasting tea ?

Perhaps it goes back to our childhood roots, when our parents tried to fool us into thinking that if it doesn’t taste nice – it must be good for us !!

We are sure you remember that argument about medicine, and even sprouts ….. really !!

So then – why put up with bitter green tea ……. because it’s good for you …… NO WAY

Most people unknowingly make green tea exactly the way they make other teas. Boil the kettle and pour the water on the tea leaf.

Well with green tea you need to be a little more gentle. No, we don’t mean pouring the water on gently, and smoothly. We mean as far as temperature is concerned. So here is a trick for you to try when making green tea, which is good for you, because it’s loaded with anti-oxidants. When you boil the kettle that’s fine, but then leave the boiled water to rest for 3 or four minutes. This allows the temperature of the water to drop to a heat that is more compatible with a gentle leaf. then pour the water on to the leaves. Simple so far. When you have your water on the tea leaves the steeping (or brewing) takes place. With green tea, if you leave it steeping too long it will again go bitter. So how do we overcome that problem.Do not leave the water on the leaves for more than four (4) minutes. When four minutes is elapsed the tea will still be hot, pour it off into another container, or if using a tea filter remove the leaves from the water. And there you go …… good, non bitter tasting green tea !!

Simple but effective. And full of health benefits. Please enjoy your organic green tea the way it is meant to be enjoyed. One of our most popular organic green teas’ is Green Tea Chinese Love Dream. It is slightly aromatic with a wonderful perfume drawn from rose petals and cactus flowers. You should try it……..